Visitation Guidelines 

Once you are in Postpartum, family and friends will want to visit you and your new arrival. Our visiting hours are flexible: fathers, grandparents and siblings may visit you anytime. Other family members and friends may visit daily up to 8pm.  Please note, children under age 14 may visit only if they are brothers and/or sisters of the baby. More importantly, any children or adult with colds, fever or those recently exposed to infections (measles, chicken pox, flu, diarrhea, etc.) may not visit you and your baby. 

Our Postpartum Unit consists of 17 private rooms and has caring staff that includes Regsitered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Health Unit Coordinators and our lactation team who will ensure you have the best staff possible. Prior to your discharge from the hospital you will receive a complimentary celebratory meal for you and your spouse or support person.  You will have your choice of many selections and we hope  you take this time to wind down and relax before taking your bundle of joy home. Father or main support person may stay overnight.

Postpartum/"Rooming In" Option
Sierra's Postpartum/ "Rooming In" option maximizes the time you and your baby can spend together. "Rooming In" means you can keep your baby in the room with you around the clock. Sierra's nursing staff cares for your baby in the nursery while you are asleep. If you are feeding your baby "on demand," the nursery staff will bring your baby to you at any time. Otherwise, we will adhere to a schedule set by you and the nursery staff.  

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